Bloomingdales Charity Event - October 25th

  1. Bloomingdales is having it's charity event this Thursday, October 25th. I received my mailer yesterday in the mail. Nordstrom is price matching as well. I received 20% off at Nordstrom's on-line for a MJ Blake (recently restocked at Nordstrom's in Black). To get the discount, call Nordstrom's on-line and ask for the Bloomie's Charity Sale Price Match. The gentleman who assisted me did not specify any exclusions.
    Good luck!:tup:
  2. Anyone know the exclusions? TIA!
  3. wow! t4p!! btw, is the bloomie's sale in store too, or just online?

    btw, cwelkis, welcome to TPF!! i see you joined a while ago but it's your first post. YAY!!!
  4. Nordstrom is price matching, good to know. Thanks!
  5. Just called Chanel NYC, they are not a part of this event...sigh...since I missed saks one, I really hope I can grab a good deal before price I assume most of high end brands are exclude of this sale mayb..:confused1:
  6. I got my Botkier Bryant Hobo for 20% off. my SA did presale for me for this event.
    the ticket I received in the mail for this Charity Event is valid at Beverly Center, Century City and Sherman Oaks Bloomingdales, not sure if other Bloomingdales have the same event.........:smile:
  7. The charity event is valid in store, however Nordstrom will price match on-line and in-store.
  8. My mom just called me to say she got her holy grail: black Marc Jacobs Blake! She's been waiting and waiting for some sort of discount, and 20% off is pretty good! Plus she opened a Bloomies card to get more off.
  9. ^which bloomies? they don't seem to be consistent with their exclusions.
  10. I know for the SF Bloomies, they are excluding many brands including Polo, Burberry, and many of the brands located in the Contemporary Department (Theory, Marc by MJ, etc.) I was there for presale yesterday and didn't find anything I like.
  11. But on a side note, Bloomies SF will have a private men's designer sale starting 11/1. 30-40% off American and European designer sportswear.