Bloomingdales Chanel Discount

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  1. I opened a Bloomingdales account this past weekend to take advantage of the 15% weekend and was wonderning is it 15% off retail? Reason why I ask is they said that max discount is $100 is that right? I thought it was 15% off $4300? Can someone shed some light for me?
  2. no... its supposed to be 15% of 4300. But you have to buy within 48 hours of openning the card. I had mine during 20% and they were even willing to give 20% discount even if I had to split the charge 30-70 with my other cards (30% of purchase on bloomies)
  3. Yes, I did make the purchase within 2 business days but they are still saying they are only going to discount $100 max. I thought that was very strange, I guess I will have to talk to my SA so they can handle this.
  4. I opened my account last year (Aug. 2010) and still have the first bill I received from opening the account to buy the Maxi. Looking at it, I received the 15% discount on the total amount (including tax). My SA told me that the discount could only be given by their billing department and would show up automatically on my statement (which it did).

    H-Angel was lucky if her SA was willing to give her the entire discount even if she put a portion on another card because my SA wasn't "able" to.

    Hope this helps and good luck!
  5. I would call Bloomies and speak to the credit department they will be able to let you know what you got off but it should be 15% of the total price.
  6. Thank you for the quick replies. I did call there 800 hundred number and talked to them online and said it was max $100 discount. So they were just going to adjust my first purchase $100. I'm getting a little irritated with this situation since I bought the bag for my wife. :sad:.

    @Bostonchanelfan: Maybe you are right. Maybe there own department takes care of it? I live in Ca but got the back from NY.

    I just hope I can get this all squared away.
  7. Wish me luck.
  8. that's so strange...I opened my card too and got 15% off not just $100 max
  9. Sounds unfair because my husband opened a Bloomies charge this last weekend in order to get me the gst before the price increase. The SA did work it out so we could get the 15% off whole thing - eventhough we split it between two cards.
  10. Can anyone tell me how and/or when you can get more than 15% off though? I want to buy a jumbo but want to figure out a way to get it discounted....
  11. bloomies offer 20% discount 2x a year. I dont know when the next one will be. Also, if you live in a state where there isnt any bloomies, you get it tax free! so in a sense thats more than just 20% savings....
  12. Just read on Mizhattan that Bloomingdales is having a 20% discount offer when opening an account on 9/8-9/10. :yahoo:

    Here's the link:
  13. i've also received a full 15% off a Chanel maxi...something is very wrong w you only getting $100 off...
  14. Thank you to sspark and H-Angel - I will be holding my breathe for next week.
  15. I work for Macy's, which is owned by the Federated, the same parent company as Bloomingdale's. Sometime in the last month or two Macy's changed their open an account savings. Now I believe it's 15% or 20% off your purchases for the first two days UP TO $100. I don't deal with the credit aspect of the company so I'm unsure of the specifics. Perhaps Bloomingdale's implemented a similar $100 cap?