Bloomingdales' Brand Handbags

  1. Does anyone one have any Bloomies brand bags? I just ordered one black and one white PYTHON bag for a silly sales price of around $150 (for PYTHON-can you believe that??!!) so I don't have it in my hands yet, but I like the styling of it, sort of has a Chanel flavor to it. I also have secretly lusted for an exotic skin bag for a while now but the major designers want too darn much for one. I have a hunch I may like the black better, but there wasn't a pic to see what it looked like.

    Here it is. What do you guys think? Oh, no lectures about exotic skins please. I already know how some of you guys feel about that. I'm just looking for info and opinions on the bag. Thanks! :tender:

  2. Listen, Bloomie's handbags are FABULOUS. They have a great eye, just like Barney's handbags. You are getting a superior, superb design for a fraction of the price. The manufacturing is top notch. Enjoy, enjoy. I love it when a store makes a great product in their own name. You can really save $$ that way. You have the confidence and know how to make a good purchase. Congrats!
  3. It looks fabulous. I bet it looks great in black, too!
  4. Looks beautiful and sophisticated. Congrats!
  5. Gorgeous! It's very elegant and stylish. Let us know how you like it. I'm tempted to get one too.
  6. ^^^If you type in the code JUNE12 you get an extra 20% off the sales price! :nuts:

    I'm not sure when the code expires, but it worked on my two orders yesterday. They also have this bag in a taupe color but there were no pictures or color swatches, so since some taupe colors look cement to me I didn't order that one.
  7. That's a very pretty bag! I bet you'll love it when it arrives!