Bloomingdales back to 50% off again

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  1. They need Free Ship codes. Are there any?
  2. Thanks!
  3. thanks for the info!!
  4. I went looking too, but couldnt find any. I had thought about cancelling my order due to the $9.95 shipping, but figured it would still a good deal for the jeans, so I reluctantly paid it.
  5. free shipping code?
  6. anyone know if this is still in stores also?
  7. ^^ I hope it is in stores too.
  8. Great items still left - I got a Free People wool coat and a cute cashmere sweater for under $150 total!
  9. i wouldn't even mind paying for shipping if it wasn't so unreasonably high...$16 to ship a sweatshirt and skirt?
  10. ^^^I hate how shipping is according to price and not actual weight and size, rip off...
  11. went to Atlanta Bloomingdale, online price is better but need to pay shipping.