bloomingdales ater thanksgiving sale

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  1. double reward points on black friday

    get $15 back in b-money gift cards with every $100 you spend - there's no limit. valid from 11/24 to 12/24.

    spend 100 - get 15.00 back
    spend 200 - get 30.00 back
    spend 300 - get 45.00 back

    gift cards may not be used in conjunction with any othe rcertificate offer. not valid on prior purchases or bill payments not valid towards the purchase of electronic gift cards, store servcs, restaurants, purchase with purchase items or bloomingdale's by mail. valid for in-store use only. see sales associate for complete details.

    b-money purchases exclude selected designers, women's cashmere sweaters, cosmetics, fragrances, waterford, sterans & foster, electronics, fur salon, etc.
  2. Do you have to spend this on the Blommies card or is this any $100 dollars period? Do you know if you have to ask for this gift-card back bit or will they just give it to you?
  3. Do they just hand you the gift cards at the register or are they mailed to you??
  4. I think they have a redemption area for it. Malls usually do it this way. Bring your receipt in and they mark something on your bill and hand you the gift card.
  5. last time they had this promotion, i did use my bloomie card, but i dont believe you need to...they have tables around each floor and you just bring your receipts and they'll add it up and give u the gift cards right then and there. just dont forget to do the redeeming AFTER you've made all your purchases b/c that last purchase may just put you over the next threshhold.
  6. can you get the gift cards from Louis Vuitton purchases or is LV excluded?
  7. LV is always excluded...
  8. Anybody else having trouble getting on the Bloomie's web page today? I had to sit in a virtual waiting room for half an hour! I didn't know these existed outside of ticket sites like ticketmaster and Guess I am getting warmed up for when Sox tickets go on sale in 2 weeks!
  9. I had the same problem. It kept telling me to wait while I was being redirected but nothing ever happened. It was happening all morning. Ridiculous!!!
  10. i went today- so disappointing. hardly anything on sale! what is up with that! in women's comtemporary there was like NO sales racks! omg.

    you don't need to use a bloomies card to get the gc's and yes, lv is excluded. feh.

    my mom bought a ton of furniture and they said that because it won't be delivered until after the new year she won't get her gift cards til then. they said so many people would order stuff, get the gcs, then cancel the orders after they got like 1300 bucks in gcs.

    my question is: if the gc's are good for 11/24- 12/24 and she doesn't get hers til 1/3 will they still be good?
  11. really? you can buy stuff and then return it but keep the gift cards?
  12. I was thinking the same thing the other day - the gift cards are standalone and not linked to any transaction/account and I'm sure they won't make you give them back if you bring something back for returns. So in theory you could get all these gift cards for "free." :confused1:
  13. They usually mark your receipt indicating how many gift cards were given to you. I suspect that if you return an item with the receipt, they will also make you return the number of gift cards you were able to receive with that particular transaction.
  14. i dunno. in theory i suppose they should make you give them back but in reality i don't think they can. they were usable YESTERDAY as they were giving them out. what could they do if you used them? it's sad.
  15. Sometimes...if you've already used the gift card, they have the right to deduct the number of gift card given to you from the refund price. I don't think many SA's will go through the trouble, but it's definitely possible. I returned something when they were giving out certificates (15 off 75) and was asked to return them when I did. It was no problem since I knew this was the case and had never used them.

    I'm sure that people do abuse the gift card promotion, but the corporate office probably calculates the possible loss they may take. Notice how when bloomingdales has this type of promotion, they never have any coupon promotion as well. This gift card promotion is almost like having a 15% off coupon. (if you use more than one hundred that is)