bloomingdales any sale?

  1. Hi,
    could anyone tell me if bloomie having any chanel shoes/bag sale? I don't have a car and it takes me forever to go there. Thx!
  2. Yep, the Chestnut Hill one has a few bags on sale, nothing great, Mademoiselle in mint color and a couple of fabric flaps. Few scarves, jewelery and shoes too, all 30% off
  3. i got a pair of flats 30% from SCP bloomies!
  4. what kind of flats are on sale? I am intersted in the classic leather ones. Thx!
  5. oh, it was the baby animals flats. and so I returned my unwore pair I got from the boutique which were not on sale. and I totally save almost $100!!!
  6. Hikarupanda! did you happen to see a baby animals flap bag there??? am looking around for this one, but there were all presold. Am hoping someone would cancel there.
  7. I saw shoes on sale 30%off at the flagship Bloomies ....
  8. No, I didn't see any animals flap. I see only mademoiselle totes large and small.