Bloomingdales -additional 40% off sale items starts today

  1. I didn't see this posted anywhere. If you go to Bloomingdales website, there is a link to sale items and there is a code SV111 which will take an additional 40% off these items.

    Have fun shopping!:yes:

  2. Thanks for the post
  3. Thank you!
  4. thanks for posting! there's tons of great deals to be had!
  5. Don't know if you can combine codes, but using FS1029 will also get you free shipping off of orders of $100.00 or more from now until November 7, 2007.
  6. ^ yes, i used it to combine...saved $100 in total!!
    make sure that you check your "order confirmation" and see that all items have been charged correctly! i made an order and realized that the last item has been charged at the normal price..i called in and made sure i was getting the additional 40% off.

    the CSR changed it for me. :nuts:
  8. I really really really wish they had those Paige jeans on my size.

  9. Same here. The CSR said they were having a lot of problems with the website today...What a surprise!;)
  10. Can't use the code on 7 jeans :tdown:
  11. thanks, i'm gonna browse the site now!
  12. yeah, got my grey mbymj shoes i have been lusting over!

  13. the same thing just happend to my mom, she's calling CSR now. The free ship code worked on the total but the 40% off didn't.
  14. Thanks unfortunately I can only use 1 code per order. :tdown: I am on the phone with them now!
  15. OMG! - 3 hours later ........ on-line, on the phone, I am left with ZIP! -and my credit card company fraud unit calling because all the times we tried to fix the free shipping and 40% off, Bloomingdales called in for authorization -

    I though it was all fixed, then got a sales confirmation e-mail WITHOUT shipping or 40% off. Another 30 mins on the phone and I just cancelled everything!! -- I feel for those poor customer service women but jeez!! - what a nightmare their website system is!!!!! -

    The $1000 in extra charges scared the bejeezus out of me enough to swear off forever!!!!