Bloomingdales - Additional 30% off already reduced items.

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  1. The code is JINGLE and it is good until 1/2007. (omg 2007! :nuts: )
  2. Thanks for letting us know....I'll take a look.
  3. oh my GOD , Thanks:yahoo:
  4. I am sad - the men's section of the Bloomie's web site is like looking at Ross Dress for Less on a bad day. They have NOTHING --maybe 20 items total. It pains me that I wont be able to use this code since its such a good one too!
  5. boo. the one thing i wanted didn't qualify for the extra 30% off :sad:
  6. yea, the bloomies website is pretty lacking for men's stuff
  7. Is The Extra 30% Off Good In Store Also????