Bloomingdales 50% off Sales and Values with Code

  1. I just bought a cute little patent leather coin purse.

    Use code SV89
  2. YAY! I presold a marc jacobs hobo for 40%, but now that its 50% off, it's going to come out to 178$!!!
  3. Wow how did you do that? This is online? I didnt see any MJ bags on there?
  4. i did the pre-sale in store, i had to ask about it tho, my SA didn't bring it up.

    Also, if you type in "marc jacobs" in the search feature, then click on "price reduced" there are three bags on sale!!!!!

    and i just bought a michael kors brown satchel for my mom for her birthday & a michael kors navy tote bag for my book sfor school....all for $198 shippied!!!:yahoo:
  5. OMG what great buys!
  6. Looks like someone got the 3 marc jacobs!
  7. great deals! Thanks for the code...!
  8. What great prices with the mark-down....I was unable to find any handbags that I had to have. Looked through tops: Velvet, Splendid, Joie...hoping to find something but no luck. Great sale though, and thanks for posting.
  9. Bloomies online store is so bad!! I placed my order this morning and got the 50% off when I checked out. But when I got the order confirmation email, the 50% promotion was gone!! I called the CS, and they said they could not change it or cancel it because it is in processing!! Ridiculous! They said they only can consider to give me the 50% off when the items ship out, but it is not sure and I could not cancel it in any case. It means I have to accept it no matter what.

    For returning online stuffs instore, it would cost several months. How bad is bloomies online store.

    It ruined my morning
  10. All the bags I wanted were gone but I did get a cute pair of nanette lepore for keds black flats. $20.95 shipped! Thanks for the code! I think they'll be great dog walking shoes.
  11. I would be careful with some of the items because until you are about to place the order, they dont tell you the approximated ship date. The jacket i wanted said available but when i was at the save & confirm page it said would not ship until 10/08/07!!
  12. Bloomies on-line store is terrible, expensive shipping and not even free return shipping or instore? And it's slow, and they don't have stuff in stock even though it's showing online. Useless! But it looks like a lot of people bought stuff today, I was looking yesterday and there is so much less today.
  13. Yup, they did the same thing to me on a previous order. I had to call CS twice to get them to adjust the price, and each of the reps I talked to acted like they had no idea there was an additional discount code. In the end I got the discount, but keep a close eye on your credit card statements.
  14. That really sucks! I am so sorry that you have to deal with that. Nothing like a horrible shopping experience to start your morning. I've never had a smooth transaction with them when ordering from the website, either, so to those thinking about placing an order: you are warned!
  15. I think you can return in-store. ITA, shipping is ridiculous and their inventory system stinks!