Bloomingdales- 50% off-Mistake China Sale

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  1. Did anyone else score durring the Bloomingdales 50% off China sale last week. For some reason made a major mistake last week and for about 10 hours had all of their fine china 50% off. I was able to get the rest of my Bernardaud china at 50% off. I didn't post anything since when I called after placing my order the store told me it was a mistake and I didn't think it would ship. But I received my shipping confirmation and they shipped my order at 50%. Bernardaud never goes on sale- yet alone 50%.

    Has anyone had experiences with Bloomingdales making such a major mistake? I mean all of their fine china was 50% off for at least 10 hours...Crazy!
  2. No - never got lucky with mistakes or I am too slow to notice these things online.

    Congrats on your deal!