Bloomingdales 50% off clearance bags 8/10

  1. I've been lurking for a while and I just wanted to let you all know... sorry if a repost...

    I went to bloomingdales the other day to gawk at the bags and the SA told me clearance bags are going to be 50% off Thursday 8/10. I don't know if the sale is just for this one day. She presold me a black Cloe silverado they had on clearance for what came out to be 65% off list price!!!:yahoo:

    Thanks for a great forum!!!
  2. Congrats!! Can't wait to see pics when you get your new bag. Wish we had a Bloomies near me!!
  3. whch bloomies is this?
    also, are there other things that are good? and who is the sa? everytime i call bloomies the sa sounds very rude.
  4. This was the bloomingdales at Roosevelt Field Mall, Garden City, NY. The few SA's there have all been very professional. I'm not sure what this particular SA's name is. I saw the bag and asked her if there were any upcoming sales and she told me about this sale. They had a few other Cloe's on sale. I'm sorry I don't know what styles and a bunch of Botkier's. Sorry can't be more specific. When I saw the Cloe that I got, all my sights were only on it... :graucho:
  5. This sale is available on line as well. I just bought two swimsuits. Enter "save50" at check out. Their bags were getting limited, but the website had a lot of cute clothes, bathing suits, some shoes, etc.
  6. Here is the Chloe Silverado that I got!!! I was wondering if you Chloe experts can tell me if this is authentic because I haven't seen one without a zip top. If it is authentic, any idea if it has a specific name? Sorry if the pics aren't clear. TIA!!!
    Chloe 1.JPG Chloe 2.JPG Chloe 3.JPG Chloe 4.JPG Chloe 5.JPG Chloe 6.JPG Chloe 7.JPG
  7. Your bag is gorgeous!! Do you remember what other bags they had on sale?
  8. Thanks!!! I'm very excited about my new bag!!!

    I got it a week ago. I'll be going back tomorrow and I'll update you if I see anything good. When I picked it up the first day of the sale (last Thursday), they didn't have much left.
  9. Love the bag!
    I just might have to take a trip out there tomorrow!!
  10. Sheesh! I just spent an hour on the Bloomie's website sales page in a vain attempt to pick up some sandals and maybe another deal on a handbag. I felt like I was in a virtual cat fight!! Every time I'd put something in my cart and try to check out *POOF* it was gone. I ended up with nothing for my efforts but a tired mousing hand.:hysteric:
  11. I had the same experience. I don't like the Bloomie's website- it's needs to be upgraded badly!
  12. The website is not even updated daily, it is updated every 2nd day
  13. Hi - I live near the RF mall and I called Bloomingdales to ask if there were still any Chloes on sale and the woman told me that they were never on sale. Do you remember who you delt with? Maybe that woman I spoke with was not aware of the sale.
  14. Hi La Moda Mia,
    Great to see a fellow Long Islander. Bloomies had a sale in store on 8/10-8/13. An additional 50% off sale/clearance items. My Chloe was in a case with a few other summer looking Chloe's when I went on Tuesday Aug 8. The SA Keri presold it to me. She was really nice to me then... telling me there would be a sale starting 8/10, looking up the price on the gun since the SA's didn't know how much the discount would be... and of course then selling it to me. She was not nice when I went to pick it up on 8/10. Not even saying hello or thank you, giving me a "I'm busy" kind of look while she was slowly folding up scarves she was putting away. :crybaby: Anyway, I didn't care too much since I was getting such a great deal. :yahoo:

    I did notice when I picked up my bag everything was pretty much all sold and not everything was 50% off. Another SA that helped me with questions was Kim. She seemed to be pretty nice on that one occasion.

    Anyway, LaLa06 in the Chloe forum authenticate this thread said she ordered the same bag as mine from the Soho store. I don't know at what price. Maybe you can call that store to see if they have any sale bags left.