bloomingdales 40% off plus additional 15%

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  1. bloomingdales is having a presale!! take an additional 40% off the price PLUS another 15%, its presale so you can't pick it up until after wednesday... so either go tomorrow or wed, i guess it woudl't matter.. but a lot of sizes are already out!! so go soon!!
  2. =O wat is included?
  3. Or in other words, what's Excluded? They never include the bags that I like...
  4. Can someone clarify what exactly a bloomingdales presale is...I just bought a pair of jeans this last weekend and they did not mention anything like a presale, so is it only on certain items or does it apply to all items except select designers? thanks!
  5. love bloomindales, they finally opened one up in SF. was there last weekend no mention of sale, but will check it out on Wed
  6. is the additional 40% off for sale items only? On the other thread, it only made mention of the 15% part
  7. Anyone know if this sale will be for online items as well?
  8. Good question. I just went to the site and didn't see a large discount there. Let's hope...
  9. I believe you have to go to the store. Someone at the Chestnut Hill, MA store told me that I had to buy a $10 ticket to the charity event. I asked about a joint discount for opening a credit card (which is usually 10%) and she said on Wed. I can get 15% discount for opening an acccount and 20% discount for the pre-sale. This is all kind of confusing, I wonder if different stores are doing it differently.
  10. yea, it is very confusing. i have called twice and gotten different answers from different associates. i didnt hear about the $10 ticket, but an s/a told me that it was going to be 15% off items that are included. Then another s/a told me about something called something 'funraising' and that would be a free gift bag with any purchase where the gift bag is worth $150.. and about the new account, i've heard 10% or 15% depending on the day.. but when i was transferred to an associate of the credit card department, that s/a told me it was 15% or 20%.... so :shrugs: :sweatdrop: :confused1:
  11. what about the 40% then
  12. additional 40% on sale items, but i think they put some new things on sale, a lot actually, they had a lot of my size, which even runs out on reg. price. The 40% starts tomorrow (not presale)

    i bought mostly jeans, i didn't really look at any of the other stuff. A lot of sevens, citizens, true religion, paige.
  13. Do you know if the sale will be online as well? This thread has me confused :confused1:
  14. sorry, i have no idea.. sorry for not being clear.. i just went to the mall on monday and the girl told me that all the sale stuff was an additonal 40% off, plus an additional 15%.... then she said that i can't pick it up until wednesday because it is presale..and she said that wednesday was when the sale was open to the public..i dont know why bloomie's does stuff like that..