Bloomingdale's 20-25 % off and Free Shipping

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  1. thanks, i got a rm mab in elephant and saved close to $200 with the discount and free chipping!
  2. You musta got the last one. I went to look at it and they are no longer available!
  3. They also have new Juicy charms that qualify for the discount that are not available anywhere else!! They have the new for summer cake, lobster, some rare older ones, as well as all the new spring ones and a set of 5charms w/ bracelet that ends up at 120 plus free ship in the end! So cute!!
  4. Thanks for posting - saved $150! It includes Marc by MJ and got a navy leather bag I had been eyeing :smile:
  5. I know!! I snagged bags the first day and all of their Juicy couture jewelry the next day. W/ no tax and free shipping that is a total steal!
  6. I totally missed this :sad: Bummer!
  7. Nice score ladies!!!
  8. thanks! I've been searching for the lobster charm.
  9. Gotta love how now everything's 30% off. Soon to be 40% I'm sure...I think I'll wait until it's all free!!!
  10. darn it...i missed it