Bloomingdales 15% off - 5 day only event starting July 27th

  1. Just got notice today that Bloomingdales will hold a 15% off 5 day only event on any purchase using your Bloomingdale's charge card on Valid July 27th to July31. Code: CHARGE
  2. you have to have bloomingdales cc? darn.....
  3. can you use the 15% on MJ bags? does this offer exclude all the good stuff lol?
  4. Anyone know the exclusions
  5. I believe MJ bags ARE excluded in that, yes.
  6. MJ bags are not excluded just used the code and it worked!!
  7. Is this promotion going on IN STORES as well? Or is the 15% off Bloomingdales card discount only applicable online?
  8. only online and with your bloomies card