Bloomingdale sales on Coach

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  1. I didn't find a good thread to post my question to so I'm starting a new thread. Can anyone tell me how often Bloomingdales has sales on Coach bags? What is the usual discount? Anyone know when the next one is? TIA
  2. They have a sale often, maybe not every other day like Macy's

    With bloomies, it's always a better discount in the store with Coach

    They will be having another sale this weekend, starting 2/13, it's the big brown sale, the flyer I got doesn't say much about what is on sale
  3. Thanks for the info! What's the best way to go about finding out? I don't live need a Bloomies so I would have to order online or over the phone.

    Do you know if any bags are specifically excluded? I'm considering a Borough bag. That's why I'm asking.

  4. I haven't seen a borough on sale there yet, but in time I do think it will be

    I did see a moss borough on sale at Macy's with 25/20, style 28133
  5. Well the one I want just came out so I might be waiting a while. LOL! Thanks for the info! :smile:
  6. Most of their sales will exclude designer bags, including Coach, unless the bag goes on clearance. But there are a couple of sales a year where everything will be discounted. Not sure about this sale coming up, but I will post back here if I see all Coach going on sale.
    BTW, the list of exclusions can be ridiculously long, one wonders what's left to sell at sale prices.
  7. Thanks Katierose! Yeah, I figured Coach would be a long shot. If you would let me know if you see a sale, I would appreciate it. Is it something I would see online or is it usually in store promotions?
  8. I was just online and they have the alpine mini borough on sale and quite a few other Coach styles.
  9. Just came to post this.
    Lots of SLGs, discount is about 30% on the things I checked.
  10. Thanks Ladies! I went on there today and the Borough I was interested is gone so I'm not sure what happened. It's a new style so I can't imagine it sold out. I'll just keep watching I guess.
  11. Oh gosh. I am sorry. I will let you know if I see it anyplace else.
  12. Thanks! Yeah it was so odd - it was there and then it wasn't. And it had only been on a couple days. Same with the Macys site. I do have a Macys SA watching out for it for me but can't be sure they are going to get it. It sounded like it was posted before they got any stock or it turns out they aren't going to get it. She wasn't sure. I'm looking for the Large Striped Borough. If you see it on sale, please let me know. TIA!
  13. I will keep my eyes open for it and let you know. That is a bummer.
  14. Thank you! :smile:
  15. Last sale was better, in store was 50% off and this time it's 40% off