Bloomingdale Extra 50% off pre-sale now!!!

  1. The extra 50% starts next Thursday. But i was at the bloomie in Boca Raton today, and the SA offers to presale the bag to me. I saw several chloes there: black Edith hobo, 3 black silverado and 1 brown ava.

    Go get them girls!
  2. Noooo!:push: I just bought a LOT at bloomies today (clothes). However noooene offered me a presale :shrugs: Geez. Thanks for posting. I saw a really cute MJ had it been extra anything off I would have bought it!
  3. No way!?! I was at Bloomies today and looked at the handbags and was not told about the extra 50% off presale...Hmmm...I'll call my SA tomorrow.
  4. ask for price adjustment on thursay. they will do it for you.
  5. I bought armani jacket at under $300 down from $1285 with extra 50% off.(NYC) ^^ but I'm wondering if there will be another extra 50% off next thursday. hmm...
  6. I was at Bloomies too and was ot told about the 50% pre-sale. Hmm... So if I come on Thursday and show them the receipt they will adjust the 50% discount??
  7. I just called the Bloomies in Massachusetts (yes, there's only one in the state) and the SA did not know about a pre-sale. I will probably call back later today, maybe all the SA haven't been told yet (hopefully).
  8. Is the 50% off only apply toward sale items? Doe Chloe wallet included? TIA
  9. Yes, only applies to sale items. If you saw a chole wallet on sale, then it is included.
  10. Called back the MA Bloomies, the SA in the handbag department said definitely NO pre-sale on handbags, however she said there MAY be a pre-sale on clothes, but wasn't sure. They will do a price-adjustment within 10 days of purchase... hope that helps! Why can't they just do pre-sale?
  11. oh wow, i gotta get me to the mall.
  12. stupid st. louis for not having a bloomies!!
  13. wow, thanks i must go to bloomies today.
  14. :okay: thanks for letting me know about the price adjustment. I bought some really cute clothes, they had extra 40% off - but I wish the SA told me about the 50% extra on Thursday. Got a dress marked down from almost $600 to $148 that I wont be using until Christmas. I love to get total deals on stuff. Too bad Tampa does not have bloomies - Orlando does. Ah well I'll just go and visit my sista again :yes: and run run run get that price adjustment! :graucho:
  15. oh yay!! can't wait!!!!