Bloomingdale Employee Discount

^---I've also heard that it's specific days only but they have certain days every year when the discount is higher. It's for the employees to stock up on black work clothes?

Seems to me that their discount really sucks. At least they don't end up spending their whole paycheck there.
Yep- 20% my friend just got a job there for the holidays. I thought for sure that had to be the rate just for the seasonal employees? But nope- thats it! She also mentioned something about 20% on top of 20% at times but I dont know anything more about that. I think they can still take their 20% off of items that are on sale so at least that is good.
I think the 20/20 actually occurs the last Friday of the month? something like that. It is only for specific days.

correct. 20/20 happens occassionally, unfortunately not monthly. i want to say about once every 3 months.

Federated's 20% discount applies on almost everything: sale, clearance, designers (excluding LV)
Most high end department stores have double discount days for the employees. This means on top of their 20% they get another to give them 40%. Usually some items are off the sale. Two of my friends say they can't get 40% off LV, Chanel and some other designer purses and also some expensive makeup lines and jewelry lines.
I worked for Macy's when I was in college in the early 90's and back then the Macy's employee discount was 20% for clothing, shoes, jewelery and 10% on housewares/electronics (they use to sell TVs and small electronics). No discounts were allowed on cosmetics. They never had a 20% on 20% when I worked there long ago. That would have been nice!!! My Macy's weekly paycheck went right back to Macy's when I worked there since I was always buying stuff!! LOL!!