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  1. Anybody know of any free shipping or other promo codes?

  2. Don't know of any at this time. Everything seem to have expired on 1/19.
  3. I don't know of any shipping codes, but is everyone aware that the NYC store will give an 11% off coupon to anyone visiting from out of NY state? Just ask for one at the visitors center desk and show some form of ID that proves your residency elsewhere. It works on lots of items; however, many high end things are not included - like Chanel, Armani or LV anything. Still, 11% off a $600 dress or coat is pretty nice.

    Plus, if you spend over a certain amount ($200?) and show them your receipts, they give you a Bloomies nylon tote bag as a memento. Sadly, this nicety doesn't apply to New York residents no matter how far from the city we live. So, people just a hop across the river in New Jersey qualify (maybe 5 miles?), but those over 100 miles away, but within NY state, do not :sad:
  4. wow, thank you! what a great tip.

  5. macys also has visitors pass that gives you 11% off. exclusions are on the pass but no gift for purchases.
  6. I was also looking for a 15% off so I could buy sunglasses