1. HII,

    Does anyone have a promo code for bloomingdales by any chance??
  2. I hear that TREAT will get you 10% off online purchases. Good luck getting your order though. Many of us have been having lots of problems with Bloomies.
  3. Yes. And We Don't Shop There No More.
  4. ^^^Ditto!

    Well, not the sales page anyway!:cursing:
  5. Darn tootin'!!

  6. Agreed. :hysteric::yucky: :Push:
  7. After the Labor Day weekend fiasco, I think you will be hard pressed to find any of us supporting Bloomindales.
  8. yay...i have order a regular price item and got cancelled for no reason twice. and they dont even info me it is cancelled. until i call them, they said: we are sorry about this...and blah blah blah..
    i would suggest you to go to other store such as Nordstrom or Saks..etc.
  9. Agreed- no love for Bloomies on this site!!!!:yucky:
  10. for what it's worth, TREAT doesn't work anymore.
  11. how come? more love for bloomies??
  12. wasn't there a 40%off code on another thread? 40sale
  13. whatever code you get, good luck on receiving what you ordered....
  14. Dont Even Mention The 40sale Code!!!!!!!