Bloomies sales - website is quirky?

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  1. So I haunt the Bloomies sale pages daily..and I have gotten some great deals in the past few days on Ellen Tracy and Cole Haan. However, their checkout is quirky. Last week I tried to by the CH large village bucket tote and when I checked out, it disappeared from my basket. Two days later it was back on the site so I grabbed it but the discount code would not work AND it showed as not available, then was back on as available within 47 days. Lost it again. A couple days later it showed up again, this time I bought and then called them to give me the discount, which they did. So then a couple days later, the black tote showed up (I bought copper previously). Grabbed it since it was also $159 after the discount. Had to call them again on the code. Then it disappeared from the site (same scenario as above).
    What a merry go round - anyone experience this type of problem with Bloomies? I'm about ready to give up on them because of their website purchasing quality...
  2. I actually irritated w/them as well. They had an additional 40% off during Thanksgiving weekend and I bought a Kors bag. The code didn't work and then it was backordered. Last Saturday I was sent an email telling me the item was discontinued. Calling them seems to work better, but I do agree their website is not that great. They need help in that area.
  3. They cancelled my order three times. :hysteric:
  4. They've cancelled my order twice!
  5. I noticed the bloomies site is quirky when I tried to order something during the 40% off sale and it would only take up to $150 off even when I tried to order something that amounted to more than the $150 discount. However, I was able to get a Vera Wang Lavender dress at over 40% off and it arrived to me promptly and at the right price.
  6. They have cancelled my three of my orders (discontinued) in the past few months, so I have given up on online purchases. I think I would call them or go to their store if I decide to shop there again.
  7. all i can say about bloomies is DO NOT use them for your bridal registry. they mess up everything and they aren't good packers. but this is a purse site, so back to the bags...