Bloomies sale

  1. SA told me they are having a sale starting 27th but presale is now. It is 15% off regular price and then $15 electronic gift card for every $100 you spend.
  2. online too?
  3. High end designer bags are excluded:cry:
  4. chanel included? tia~
  5. when does this end?

    i'll give my bloomie's a call tomorrow to see if this applies everywhere
  6. Yay, ill hit up bloomies tomorrow! Thanks
  7. I got this too and SOO many exclusions apply! I was so mad because I've been looking to get a little something designer for my guy. stupid bloomies! :yucky:
  8. m by mj bags included?
  9. ends the 29th.
  10. Just got back from Bloomies. MJ Collection AND M by MJ are excluded. Kooba and Coach are also excluded. Sadly, the list of exclusions is LONG.
  11. ^ oh darn! i better go check it out then
  12. I got my $25 off $100 coupons today but "in-store" use only. :push: Life is so much easier on the web.
  13. In Chestnut Hill Ma on Saturday, they were including BV and Chloe. But it seems to change daily. No Chanel and Choo though ever.
  14. I also received the $25 off coupons as well. I read the description of exclusions but I'm hoping there aren't additional ones!
  15. chanel isnt included, but the s/a told me they give out 25$ coupons.