Bloomies Sale - Handbags

  1. Bloomies (at least the SF one) had a sale- extra 40% off clearance handbags.

    I got the Coach Legacy Leather Satchel for $209 plus tax. It's still on the Coach website for $698!

    Awesome deal
  2. Oh Wow! Great deal...congrats!
  3. Went to Bloomie's the other night and they had lots of different designers on sale, I got a $458 Marc by Marc Jacobs for $177.
  4. Which Bloomies in California??? Thanks!
  5. I saw the coach bags too. At newport beach bloomy's. Also a Fendi for about $600 after discount, and a couple of coach ergo line and regular signature with the stripes.
  6. The one at Fashion Valley in San Diego. I was there again today and Bloomie's was quiet because everyone was at the Nordie's sale!