Bloomies, Saks F&F: are both places excluding Chanel?? plz help!!

  1. just wondering if both places are accepting their pre-sale (bloomies) or Saks *f&f sale??? i want to buy one..but want to get some discounts..plz help !! thx
  2. For Saks it's definitely excluded. For Bloomies the F&F event starts Nov. 9th (and goes on till the end of that weekend); there's no 20% off Chanel BUT you can get equivalent coupons (something like $20 for every $100 spent) towards future purchases.
  3. With bloomies, i think it was mentioned somewhere that $20 for every $100 spent for bloomies cardholder because i bought a bag just recently and didn't pay by bloomies card - only got $15 evey $100

    but still so happy though as i wasn't expecting it... :YAY:

    Btw, i reccommend my SA, NEL from Bloomies NYC. He's BEST!!
  4. I believe that for Bloomie, its 20% back in gift card for ur Chanel purchase... coz i asked the SA again this year ^^ ... and my friend bought one in april and she got 20% gift card...
  5. ^ That's a pretty good deal for Chanel!