Bloomies RM sale bag gets here, but.......

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  1. instead of being the black dream hobo I ordered it is a black w/ blue suede matinee bag:yahoo:!! Holy cow! I was so excited and then I pulled it out and really looked at it and noticed it was used. The tags were shoved in the interior pocket along with a few of the tassels all knotted up and there are some marks and scratches on the outside:crybaby:. I am not sure what to do. It is not the bag I ordered but a used Matinee instead. What do you all think?? Should I send it back even though they are sold out of the bag I ordered or should I just keep it and try to fix it up?:confused1:
  2. Can you take pictures of the bag?
  3. I got it w/ the extra 25% off and then another 10 because I opened an account with them. I think in the end it ended up being @250 w/ free shipping and no tax.
  4. $250 with free shipping and no tax on a Matinee!? Geez louise, I'd un-knot those tassels, slap some conditioner on that bad boy, and take him out for a spin!
  5. I would keep it at that price for sure! And, Coach's Leather Moisturizer (used lightly) will take scratches and scuffs right out of RM's bags. I used it on my Royal MAB when it came with some marks (it was on the store shelf for a while). Keep it!
  6. Great minds think alike Gung!
  7. So what are you going to do!? :nuts:
  8. Do you have your own pics? That bag looks great to me!
  9. It is gorgeous. I think I will try to clean up the scratches and see how it looks. I really would like to keep it. I will take a pic and post it as my avatar. I am having trouble resizing them right now.
  10. WOW! what a great deal, I say keep it.
  11. I changed my avatar now so you should be able to see it. Hopefully the scratches are not to bad. Why would someone be so mean to such a gorgeous bag:sad:
  12. It looks gorgeous to me, I say keep it!
  13. Definitely keep it! A Matinee, even with some minor wear, for under $300 is a BARGAIN! Hope you enjoy it if you decide to keep it!
  14. I say keep it too... I love that bag so much more than the Dream bag.