Bloomies Private Sale

  1. Just got this in the mail today...Bloomies Private Sale June 12th - June 14th.

    20% off Comtemporary
    40% off designer spring collection
    15% off regular priced handbags over 250 and an extra 40% off already reduced handbags
  2. does this include Juicy Charms?
  3. how is it private? do u have to bring in a card?
  4. no. it's a public sale, you can walk in and get the sale prices without a postcard. i think they call it a private sale to entice people
  5. will there be the same private sale online as well??
  6. i wish they'll have it online
  7. ooo this is awesome! also, they're having a 30% off sale at the bloomies I went to in NYC but im pretty sure they have th esame thing everywhere else. I saw some chloe, coach, kooba bags that were 30% off and some clothing andshoes.
  8. will bloomies allow presale? Cauze I might not have time from 12-14, I am thinking to do shopping this weekend
  9. i got the same catalog in the mail yesterday.
    came with a bunch of coupons (4 actually)...$25 off any single purchase of $100 or more.

    plus earn unlimited $15 bonus gift cards with almost any $100 you spend Tuesday, June 12-Thursday, June 14.
  10. Yeah, you can pre-sale items now. They started that on the 5th! High end designers like chloe, gucci, etc. are excluded:tdown:
  11. thanks ali w:smile:

    Do you know if MJ included?
  12. I can't remember but marc jacob is on sale now:smile:!
  13. nice...i always thought private sale meant by invitation only. maybe i can find some stuff.
  14. I just got a MMJ bag for the 30% sale, can they do price adjustment?
  15. and i also saw some mmj or mj shoes that i liked marked down but still think it was pricey, will shoes go on sale?