Bloomies Private Sale

  1. Anyone know what the exclusions are for handbags?
  2. so far the verdicts have been varied by store. (ie Marc Jacobs; excluded from Beverly Center & Century City, but not Fashion Island).
  3. On the little postcard I received, it says "Louis Vuitton, Dior, Jimmy Choo, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Marc Jacobs")
  4. Just as a clear list of what is and isnt included just talked with bloomies on 59th st in nyc (and i called the bloomies in hmm iforget somewhere in jersey haha they said the same thing)

    cole haan, Betsy johnson, Michael kors, kennth cole
    (someone) olson and lucky

    coach, longchamp, Marc jacobs, chanel ,fendi ,fergammo, botkier, kooba, marc by marc jacobs, and juicy

  5. Thanks Bessie for the info! Too bad about all those that are "not included" :sad:
  6. O MY GOD GIRL I KNOW !!! i wanted to CRY! :crybaby:
  7. For SF Bloomingdales, the only exclusions are ferragammo, LV, dior, fendi.

    As far as I know these are ok: MJ, mbymj, michael kors, kenneth cole, kooba, betsey johnson, tokidoki le sportsac, celine, chloe etc. in fact, chloe is 40% off. i used the $25 coupon for a mbymj tote and got the $15 gc. :smile:
  8. Do you know if coach gets the discount at the SF bloomies???
  9. Is there certain chloe's for 40% off or is it all of them:confused1: TIA....
  10. i didn't ask, but i assumed it was fine. if the bag is over $250 you will get 15% off. i dont see 'no coach' for those $25 off $100 coupons so i would definitely argue with the salesperson if iwanted to buy a coach bag. and when you take your receipt to to get the gc, they dont even check what item it is really and just give them out.
  11. I wanted to also ask how those $25 coupons work,,, its just during this sale any 100 you spend you get $25 back and then you can use it whenever towards whateveR??

  12. my friend said it was all chloe. however, i only saw the sign with the older bags (e.g. silverado, edith satchels). i was not interested in buying a chloe so i didn't confirm with a SA. if you are interested in buying a newer style, i would recommend calling the store and asking them. i will be going again tomorrow with a coworker LOL
  13. no, they discount the $25 from your purchase. so say that whatever you're purchasing is $182, they'll discount $25 off that so you pay $182 - $25 + tax.
  14. PINKNYAKO WHICH BLOOMIES are we talking about ? :smile: i am going to call them in the AM!!!
    thanks!! (do you think they allow orders by phone?)

    AND MELLOW YELLOW JEN REALLY!!!! thats so awsome!
    what a great deal if you want a $300 bag you get $75 off! cooL!

    When does it begin i forget i saw the post of the flyer somewhere,,,, but i wonder does anyone know if they will allow phone orders?

  15. it is a $25 coupon, with a minimum qualifying purchase of $100 before tax.

    they will deduct the $25 from your purchase price.

    in addition, they are running the GC promo. so for every $100 you spend, you will get a $15 GC (valid dates are march 30-april15). there are no limits to the # of GCs you can get, but there are a lot of exclusions to the items you buy that will earn the GCs (e.g. no premium denim, LV, Dior, Ferragammo, fine jewelry, fine watches, cosmetics/fragrance)

    if you do not have a coupon book, ask a SA for one. they have them at the counter