bloomies private sale..would it disclude this?

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  1. so one day I tried on the satchel on a whim at bloomies one day, and thought the satchel wasn't as big as I thought it would be..which was great because I'm not a fan of huge bags.

    soooooo it got me thinking..

    I was going to get something from MJ..but didn't want retail to be over 800, so if I didn't get the small flap I saw at saks, I was thinking this?! just thought about this today.

    So does anyone know if the satchel would be included in their private sale?
  2. not sure...
    but wouldn't it be included at macy's f&f? when's that?
  3. During the bloomies private sale, I think that you could use the $25 off $100 transaction, but riverside(i've seen you mention this bloomies so i'm guessing that this is the one you frequent) never allows you to use more than one per transaction. Even if you went to willowbrook or short hills, you would only get a maximum of $100 dollars off. I've only been to one private sale where coach was included in the 15% off promotion and that was ages ago. I think that the macy's f&f is the best bet, or to get it during the coach event next week.
  4. ^^I'm not sure i folllow exactly?
    I was hoping one 25 dollars off, and the 15 dollars off of every 100, and maybe the 15 or 25% off?

    what is the family F&F go for at macys? I've always been invited but never really took advantage of it.
  5. The F&F at macys is 20%.

    At some stores the 25 off is stackable up to 4 which equals $100 off if your purchase is over $400. Other bloomies do not allow you to stack the coupons regardless of how much you spend. If you spend $200 for instance, you can still only use one of the $25 off coupons. I'm not sure what you mean when you say the 15 dollars off of every 100, but usually for every hundred you spend, they'll give you more coupons ($15 off of $75) which is stackable, but not valid until after the private sale dates. Most of the time only certain designer regular priced bags are 15% and in the recent years, it hasn't included coach.

    I hope that this helps....I didn't mean to be confusing.

    To make a long story short, it may be cheaper to buy during the macy's f&f event or at coach during the preferred customer event.
  6. oh yeah..macy's f&f is around the same time as the bloomies private sale so you wouldn't even have to wait.
  7. Does Macy's F&F include ALL designer handbags? Louis Vuitton is included?
  8. wait a minute!

    maybe i'm wrong, but before i started even working at coach, i was a fan, so when my friend had the F&F macy, she told me that it was the last year they could use it on items like coach?

    or was that false?

    because i know with coupons and F&F even there are exclusions.

    but if it does work i think the best bet is with a worker, because they get 20% off the 20% off F&F card, since their usual discount is 20% off.

    it would be unfair to give non-workers the same discount as the workers so they allow the workers to combine the discounts during this event.
  9. ^^damn son I wish I worked at macys then!
  10. i was told that, unless is was EXPLICITLY written on the f&f coupon, you can use it on coach...(i know i got an email that said you can't use the 20% on coach on didnt say anything about in store!)
  11. I think you can. My friend got a Coach bag from Macy's/Bloomie's using the % off last year.
  12. FF sales include almost everything, incl. coach. No LV though.