Bloomies private sale question

  1. :confused1:I think I got the private sale info in the mail and tossed it thinking 15% off wasn't that big a savings. Now that I've seen the post here about th $25 coupons, I wish I'd saved the book. I called and they said they don't give those out have to have the coupon. Any suggestions? Anyone know when the next private sale will be?:sad:
  2. The pre-sale is going on right now, and you can pick up the items next Wednesday. Most of the items are a certain percentage off (like 20% on women's clothes) and then you get an extra $25 off for every $100 you spend. For shoes, if you buy 2 pairs or more, it's 25% off your purchase and then the coupons. Good luck!
  3. If you go directly to customer service, they will hand you a booklet that has the coupons attached and it gives an explanation of the sale. The SA's do not give out the coupons, you have to go to customer service and tell them you accidently tossed your coupon book out and you want a replacement.
  4. Just ask one of the SA's, don't ask the old SA...they tend to be very strict with the 'rules', ask the mid-age or young SA's (not the ones that just usually could tell) but they tend to be very cool about giving you the coupons/discounts...usually they'll just tell you to go to them when you're ready to buy and they'll just discount it for you.
  5. Lots of SAs don't even require you to have the coupons. Some have their own coupons to give you. Recently, though, I have found that customer service doesn't give out coupons.
  6. I called the store and the handbag SA said you have to have the coupon. Then I called customer service and they said they have the booklets and will give to you but you have to show them your Bloomies card. Got home and I had just received the mailing. So off I go to Bloomies today. Thank you for the responses.;)
  7. This is how Bloomie's got me to re-open my account with them - sending me private sale coupons! I've closed my account - again - but I still receive coupons every now and then. You need to use your Bloomie's card.
  8. You actually don't need to use your Bloomies card, I never do... Mine has been closed for years. Just go up to the SA and they will scan their own coupons for you. Hope this helps!