Bloomie's Private Sale 11-28

  1. Not sure if anyone's aware - I was in the Bridgewater NJ Bloomingdale's last Sat. 11/23 and Sun. 11/24 and there was a presale going on for a private sale beginning today Thurs. 11/28!

    The promotion was $25 off every $100 you spend, so if you found one item for $399, you'd get $75 off = $324. Or if an item's price is $400, then sale price is $300. I don't think you can combine items. Anyway - call your nearest Bloomie's for more info as this is all I know! Good luck!

    Oh and one more thing -you can get 15% off when you open a Bloomie's charge.
  2. does anyone know if there's a limit to how many $25 off every $100 spent promos you can use on 1 purchase?

  3. I think you can use up to 4 $25off coupons per transaction.
  4. Okay now I'm mad! I bought a pair of Chanel sunnies yesterday for $325 and was told by the SA that I could only use ONE $25 coupon. ARGH!
  5. thanks!

  6. Last year I was able to use multiple coupons! Bloomies is so inconsistent, I hate it!
  7. ^it depends on the store. I was in NY and tried to use more than one coupon, I could not. But in LA i have used multiple at one time.
  8. The SA in SF Bloomies will only let me use 1 $25 off per purchase.
  9. The one in SD also only let me use only one=(
  10. So apparently Bloomies has changed their coupon policy... Now, you can only use 1 coupon per item, BUT there is always a way to beat the system! LOL I got a Burberry scarf for $295 and was told I can only use one coupon, but if I had more than 1 item, and it totalled that amount, then I would be able to use multiple coupons... So, I got my daugther a headband for $7, and they took 3 $25 coupons off the transaction... yay!
  11. I find the san diego bloomies SAs in handbag dept not as friendly as they used to be. Seems they take a harder line in coupons, etc than other depts in the store. Maybe because I returned something or maybe it just depends on individual SA. Shoe dept seems to be more helpful.
  12. So sorry, Totoro! It was an SA in the handbag dept. of Bridgewater NJ Bloomies who actually explained it to me and specifically DID say that I could take off $75 from a $300-$399 purchase.