bloomies presale!

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  1. I went in to bloomingdales to buy this bag:

    and the SA working with me said they were preselling for the sale on thursday ... 15% off, so that made the large hobo cheaper than the small one at retail! I don't get to pick it up until thursday, but hey. it made me happy to get out of there for under $180.

    also, I don't know if they're still in hard to find, but they had two fendi spy bags, one in the lighter brown and one in white. it was the bloomingdales in palm beach gardens, florida if anyone's interested. I don't know if that would be 15% off too, but I didn't think coach would be!
  2. what is on presale? maybe I should take a trip to bloomies. Are clothes on presale too?
  3. I think everything. last time there was one, I only bought clothes because I thought purses weren't included.
  4. Presale means you can go in with and buy things at the sale price before the actual have to use a Bloomies charge though. I love it.

    Weird though, my 15% off sale was last week, because I bought a bunch of stuff two Sundays ago when everyone else was watching the Super Bowl and I went shopping, but had to pick it up on Thursday. My sale was 15% off as long as you were using your Bloomies charge and then some other things were also marked down so you'd get your 15 off on top of that. And yes, it applies for clothing applies to most things in the store, I'm not sure specific exceptions. I love presale purchasing! You just walk in, pick up your bags, and know you're getting exactly what you want!