Bloomies Pre-sale until 10/25 -15% or 20 % off

  1. I thought Chanel is excluded. No?
  2. 20% off all Chanel???!
  3. Chanel Bags :tup:, I dont know about the shoes?
  4. sunglasses?
  5. Anyone know if they charge tax if we buy it from out of state?
  6. tax is charged based on where the item is shipped. if your state has no sales tax, they won't charge you, otherwise they charge the sales tax according to your state.
  7. you're pushing it:upsidedown::s
    call bloomies-sf. 415 856 5428....ask for robert:smile:
  8. :shocked: u is also included? both handbags and sunglasses?
  9. every brand in handbags is included except lv and dior and fendi(in leased depts). even jimmy choo is 15%. i am pretty sure sunglasses too
  10. Hey Guys,

    I just called Bloomingdale in NY and asked about this 15% discount and one of the SAs said there is NO 15% discount. However, they are running a promotion for a cancer charity that allows you to get $15.00 gift card for every $100 you spend. Does anyone know differently? I would like to take advantage of this 15% discount if possible.
  11. i just called bloomies chanel in south coast plaza in orange county and they just told me that chanel 15 % off only applies if you apply for a bloomies card. i asked the SA if we already had a bloomies account would we be able to get 20 or 15% off and she said no.:shrugs:
  12. xlx vuitton xlx: It seens that you work at Bloomies/SF, can you please give us futher information. Thank you!
  13. Hi,

    I know for 100% that Chanel handbags will be excluded from this promotion.
  14. I called the s. coast bloomies last week...the SA at chanel said it's not included in this event.
    I also called the New York one just to make sure and i was also told the thing about the $15 gift card for every $100 purchase.
    So anyone have an idea?!?