Bloomies or Saks Deals on Chanel Sunglasses

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  1. Anyone know of upcoming offers that won't exclude Chanel? I am dying for a pair of sunglasses.
  2. I don't know for sure but Bloomies is having 15% off that includes sunglasses on the 29th and they are preselling now.
  3. Oh thanks! I'll call today. Anyone know if they charge shipping on out of state orders over $200?
  4. ...or if Saks will price match Bloomies?
  5. Chanel will probably be excluded. Sucks!
  6. Saks usually has a Friends and Family event twice a year, or so-called the Private Sale that include Chanel sunglasses (20% off). Last one was in Aug/Sept, and I think they should have one April/May.
  7. Oh thanks.......I appreciate all the help!
  8. So nice of you to draw that to my attention. However, I am in love with a particular pair 4164b in color 1088g. Those are my end all sunglasses......:heart:
  9. Saks F&F Does Not include Chanel. Bloomies on the other hand does. They are not coming up for a while though..
  10. They included Chanel sunglasses last time. I bought mine at 20% off. They said they would only include sunglasses and nothing else from Chanel.
  11. i have been meaning to post and keep forgetting. santa anita nordstrom have been doing 20% off all glasses include all brands for the longest time already. You might want to call and ask if it's still going on
  12. Thanks! I'll call today.
  13. No deal on Nordies but I am waiting on a call back from Bloomies now. It looks like Chanel is part of the pre-sale so if that works my glasses will be a steal compared to what I can find in Michigan. Thanks!!
  14. Chanel is not part of the presale....bummer!