Bloomies Online - more bags on sale!!!

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  1. I know I'm supposed to post this under the "MJ sales" thread, but I wanted everyone to see it quickly! There are more 40% off bags at, including the HUDSON and the QUILTED DRAWSTRING HOBO! Everyone's been talking about that hobo on here, you can get it for 40% off right now!!! - Designer Handbags

    Important: you may have to call Bloomie's to get them to apply the discount, that's what I had to do. I don't think it's showing up when you just put the bag in your shopping cart, but it's listed as 40% off on the website and they'll honor that price if you call them. I hope someone manages to get one! :yahoo:
  2. thanx for the info. how come when i try to add to the shopping's still at regular price? thx
  3. ^^^It's because the discount isn't showing up for some reason. Call the web site help line: 1-866-593-2540 and explain that your discount isn't showing up and they'll put the order through for you with the discount. That's what I had to do to get the discount on my stam.
  4. the stam? how come i can't find it..please pst link...thx
  5. I think the Stam Hobo (which is the one I ordered) is now sold out, sorry! I can't find it on the website anymore.
  6. WOW!!! Thanks for the heads-up!!!:nuts:
  7. HI ..without your link I can't get to this promo..thank you so much for sharing. Will you let us know how you found this? maggie
  8. I think something funky is going on with the bloomingdales website. Some items will show that it's 40% off and then it'll disappear. It's happening all over the site. Honestly, I think that it's a mistake and if you happen to call when the CS can access the additional discount showing, they'll honor the 40% off. I bought the drawstring hobo, but the ship date isn't until a month from now and honestly, I am seriously reconsidering because of the wait.
  9. I can't believe that quilted drawstring bag is 40% off!! Isn't it a new style? I'm sooo tempted!
  10. Hmm, it's odd that others can't access it, I just went to the page at the right moment I guess (I got to it simply by clicking the handbags link, then the designer handbags one, nothing funky). I seriously thought it was a fluke too, I actually told the sales representative so when I called but she didn't seem too concerned. Maybe the site's getting hacked or something, didn't that happen during the last sale? But I got my order confirmation and everything, so I know the bag is coming. Anyway, congrats to anyone who can get the bags, it does seem like a fluke as harm0ni says, but it's working!
  11. Actually I couldn't get it to it either at first. But I kept clicking around and then eventually clicked on the "designer handbag" link and the bags that were 40% off showed up.

    However, it does worry me though that the drawstring bag is "on order." This happened to some people on the forum a while back and then they got an e-mail stating the bags were not going to be available after all. But the other bags look to be in stock right now so those are probably a safer bet.
  12. I've been clicking around, but I still can't find the MJ bags for 40% off. Could someone provide another link? TIA.
  13. Oh no, ladies, see, now I'm concerned. I checked my Discover card balance (the card I used to charge the bag) and I was still charged full price for it, even though my invoice says that I wasn't. I checked my order status and it says I was charged full price even though the order total was 40% off. I guess I need to give Bloomie's another call. It probably will be corrected when the bag ships (and I can just return it if it's not, I never use my Discover card for anything but big purchases like this to get the cash back bonus, so it's not hurting me at the moment), but I'll confirm anyway.
  14. Maybe try this one? - Designer Handbags
  15. Thanks so much!!! :nuts:
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