Bloomies on line sale....more rolling the dice!

  1. Continuing other threads about bloomies' on line CANCEL gamble...we have all been victim to the 'delivery in 44 days' nonsense followed by email cancellation ...

    i now have five bags (marc jacobs three and two botkier) waiting for 3/1 ish delivery
    i am waiting to see which ones get cancelled IF NOT ALL OF THEM....i will be happy if ONE arrives! good luck everyone

    marc jacobs classic tote was 1050 got for 500
    mbmj posh turnlock forget what the price was
    mbmj zip clutch
    botkier satchel bronze
    botkier satchel tan

    and they're off.................:yahoo: let's see who wins!
  2. After my previous two cancellations, I do not even checkout the items that has a 43 business days deliver thingy...
    I hate online website that just don't update fast enough.. it gives me hope then takes it away...=(
  3. i is crazy

    i got the cancellation today for bronze botkier
  4. I ordered the Frye Dorado slouch boots which supposed to ship 2/28, we shall see :sweatdrop
  5. I placed an order on 12/26 and it suppose to ship 1/4/08 so we will see if I get my package or not. I have actually had pretty good lucky with Bloomies. Hopefully my boots will come next week!
  6. My Zac Posen will be here on Monday, confirmed shipment.

    So there may be hope.
  7. ordered a l.a.m.b key pouch & a marc jacobs suede/patent flat shoes.. both of them were in stock when i placed the order.. none of them have the 44 days thing.. got a shipment confirmation on jan 1st.. but this morning i was shocked to find a "return confirmation" email from them..

    Dear Bloomies Shopper:

    We're thrilled that you indulged in a little retail recreation - you deserve it.

    Sorry it didn't work out this time, but thanks for sending back your order. Order # 226*******

    It's back safely with us and we're processing your return right now.

    i haven't even get the shipment yet.. :cursing: so i called the customer service, waited for about 10 mins, and then the CS said that the shoe is no longer available on their warehouse.. i'm like what? after the shipment confirmation email? :tdown::cursing: when they cancel part of my order, they didn't adjust the shipping fee.. so i made sure that the CS adjust it and credit it back to my account.

    i don't think i will order from their website again..
  8. I got the same return nonsense on a Linea Pelle Clutch that I ordered.
    Same as you, I got the shipment email, no package yet, and a return message.
    What a crock!
  9. package is going to be sent by or around 3/4/2007!? what kind of online store does that!? only bloomies
  10. Arghhhhh!!! Three DVF dresses- all cancelled!!!:cursing:
  11. my juicy jacket got cancelled!

  12. YES YES that is one of thier tricks it is insane....shipment confirmation then THANKS FOR RETURN! when actually the item was out of stock!
    almost as bad as the cancellation emails that say 'best of all we will NOT be charging your credit card' LOLOLOL:tdown::nuts:

    somehow i have gotten a few items slip through maybe one out of five that are back ordered...
    but when one slips through it is so great
  13. bloomies is the absolute worst online. i returned some items from two different orders in the same box, and they didn't credit me for one of the pairs of shoes i returned. i called yesterday and was on the phone with them for 50 MINUTES. 50 MINUTES. i was on hold about 8 times while the CS woman checked with the "warehouse," her "manager" and i swear she must have just been surfing the web and testing my patience. in the end she agreed to credit my account but i'm still out money if i consider my hourly rate ;).

    i have yet to have one satisfactory experience with their CS. i have to make another return and i'm thinking of driving the 30 minutes to a store to return the things in person. just less hassle overall.
  14. Good luck girls!

    I ordered two pairs of boots last november during one of their 50% off sales when they had free shipping. My order had a scheduled delivery date of 1/10/08. However, I was pleasantly surprised when my mailman knocked on my door Christmas eve with my lovely new boots. :nuts: So you never know.... I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you!
    i HAVE MY DVF dress i got @50% off!!!! at my door now.