Bloomies Nyc Stock:

  1. Was at Bloomingdales NYC today

    Their stock is as follows:

    WHITE CAVIAR east/west bag

    Luxury Ligne

    large zip top shopper: Black Metallic (spring leather)

    small zip top shopper: Gold & Silver

    bowler: Khaki


    large PINK w/ BLACK cc's cambon flap (ON SALE)

    the had a couple reporters & pochettes - FULL PRICE

    Grained Calf Diamond Stitch:

    Doctor Bag - brown & black (both sizes)

    Tote - brown & black

    Flap - brown & black

    Madamoiselle (FALL):

    Large Tote - black & brown

    Camera Bag - Black & Brown

    Flap - Black & Brown

    Madamoiselle (SPRING):

    Large Tote - black & white

    2.55 reissue:

    225: black

    226: black, dark gold, & bordeaux

    227: black & dark gold


    red & tan

    Grande Shopper:

    black caviar & brown caviar

    Petit Shopper:

    tan caviar

    -- They also had a bunch of classic flaps in navy, tan, black on silver, and black on gold

    Evening Bags:

    new rectangular clutch w/ the squares

    black clutch w/ a white camelia

    black clutch w/ brooch

    round laquer bag

    perfume bottle closure white w/ black crochet

    -- they also had the COCO applique bags: a pochette and a tote in the tan

    -- they had the tan & brown wallet chain purses


    small red calf

    red calf card case

    large black calf

    metallic gold small & large

    diamond stitch red & brown

    ** that's all I can remember off of the top of my head
  2. Thanks japskivt for sharing the info!!,

    is the "Dark Gold" = BRONZE?
  3. Japs,
    What is your opinion of the dark gold 2.55? Is the color really great?
  4. Fabulous memory!
  5. Jap did you get your E/W bag while you were there?
  6. Okay...called on the Diamond Stitch tote...the brown is not the large size... Still thinking about red...
  7. wow you have a great memory!
    thanks for the info!
  8. I have it in the 227 and it is AMAZING.. used it today!!!
  9. sorry.. it is the SMALL tote!!!
  10. Yeah, I jumped all over the possibility of a large brown...still trying to decide if the red I received today is "me"...
  11. Accessorize*me,
    Are you thinking of the bronze on Smoothoprter's 226. I think without going back to a thread that the dark gold is on distressed metallic patent or is it just distredded patent? Just ordered a bronze reissue, I would love to see how the metallic distressed patent looks.
  12. I have the same color as Smoothoprter... its called dark gold......

    metallic distressed patent is cruise and its coming in gold and copper not bronze..... they didn't make a bronze reissue.. just dark gold... it is kinda bronzy
  13. Right, the color is called "dark gold" but all of the SA's were referring to it as bronze or metallic khaki.
  14. Oh, thanks for clearing that up guys! :flowers:

    I just ordered a 226 from Nordies :yahoo: , the SA called it a Bronze which was what I was looking for but I was looking at their Fall List and there isn't a "Bronze"..only Dk Gold.

    The colour of the pics on the bag also looked different from Smoothoprter's colour..So I got confused...:wacko:

    They say they've sent it out yesterday morning but still no news...I hope there isn't a hitch and it's all smooth sailing! :blink: :wondering
  15. japskivt, do post pics of your new 227, it sounds lovely!