Bloomies has the Plan B in the new yellow! It looks so purty! r/o

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  1. I know some of you guys were mentioning how you didn't care for this style, but I think it looks so lovely in this color:

  2. OH my! That is lovely! I like that it is NOT a two toned bag! Now pple can choose between the yellow and tangerine!
  3. :love:

    yellow! it's very lovely!
  4. Tah tis a great bag too but the yellow isn't quite right for me. :sad:
  5. oh this yellow is nice!~ just like a pile of mustard~ but i would still prefer the tangerine for some reason~
  6. I like RM's yellows but not a fan of the Plan B
  7. I love this yellow but I'd rather have it in the NIKKI if someone has seen one :graucho:
  8. Oh no... one more bag to resist! This is a perfect shade of yellow. Love it! :love:
  9. There is one on - get 20% off with coupon code instyle08
  10. So beautiful. I think I might have to get this aftr I get my tangy!