Bloomie's Grand Opening Preview Day in SF - Anyone Go?

  1. Did anyone else go to the preview day Bloomingdale's had for their new store in San Francisco? Official opening day is today but yesterday was preview day for everyone who had invites.The new store is GORGEOUS! It's soooo pretty from the outside, it glows! And the merchandise is superb.I'm going back there this friday to use my gift certificate! AND there is a LV counter!
    What did everyone else think?
  2. Hey Mello, slightly OT, hope you don't mind.... but everyone seems to love Bloomies except me! I admit I haven't spent a lot of time in there, but I just don't see its appeal... they carry many of the same items as NM or Saks for the same price, but in a much less attractive space. I've always seen Bloomies as better than Macy's but not as good as Nordstrom. I know I am in the minority here -- what is it I'm missing? Maybe you can clarify! (P.S. hope you are doing well!)
  3. Hmm... I have to agree with IntlSet. Was at Bloomies preview yesterday and was not impressed. The store is HUGE but it was pretty chaotic with all the people roaming around and the SAs being equally confused of where things are. It took me 10 min. to find someone to help me locate a size 2 skirt at the Burberry counter. And when I'm making the purchase, I was told I can only use the $25 gift card but cannot apply the $25 off $100 coupons... :cry: In the end, I stayed on the New View floor because it was the only floor that wasn't overly crowded, and will probably stick to Saks where the SAs actually knows me by name.
  4. ^^^ I think thats an isolated issue and probably can be expected when a brand new department store opens up in a city of 7million people :smile:
    Im sure most of ths SAs were just as fustrated as the customers opening day! Im sure as the crowds die down, things will get better.
  5. I did, I did! I also thought the store was gorgeous. As I texted to DH yesterday from the store, I thought the inside had a more glamorous, slick feel to it. More like the Asian department stores that I am used to, with nice views even from the escalators. Everything was so shiny and new :yes:. When I read about the checkerboard floors in the cosmetics section in the paper, I thought it would look chaotic. But no, it looks great. I also thought the store had a more spacious feel inside, notwithstanding the crowds.

    I'm going back with DH to check out Bloomies again (and use the GC) and the rest of the Centre next month after the crowds die down a bit.
  6. :huh:ohh I wanna go sooo bad...I smell a weekend trip coming up!! :nuts:
  7. I have the $25 gift card as well. I'm looking to use it tomorrow :biggrin: Is it as crazy as being in H&M? :wtf:
  8. I want to go so bad too!!! :yes:
  9. ITA that opening days of new stores can be totally chaotic!:upsidedown:

    FYI - San Francisco City proper has less than 1 million people and even the whole Bay Area doesn't have over 3 million...

  10. I went yesterday and it wasn't bad, we got in at about 9:05 am. Glad to see they have LV, they don't have Chanel, do they?

    Looking at getting the red Epi Passy GM! Hmmmm...:smile:
  11. I went yesterday too after work -- the line outside looked longish at that point but it moved really fast. By the time I was there though there were piles of stuff left on dressing room floors... I think there was more in the dressing rooms than on some racks! I'm looking forward to going back and spending my $25 gift card though :smile:
  12. I just got back, it was a madhouse! But I managed to navigate my way around fine. Everything was lovely and new, definitely on an upscale level with Saks, etc. I didn't buy anything, esp since I just dropped $$$ on skincare at Nordstrom :smile: Got a free facial too, ahhhh.

    I will go back with my shopping pal in a couple weeks, can't wait.
  13. Annie - I'm doing good. How are you doing? And how's Chicago?! Regarding Bloomie's, I think it might be a geography preference. I was in line talking to a lady from NY and she told me that she was sooo excited because she's shopped at Bloomie's in NY since she was a child. Ok, I have no idea where I'm going with that story. Personally I like it because it doesnt seem as exclusive as saks/nm.

    pursegal - hey!! how are you?? hope your summer job was awesome! i havent been into h&m since it opened so if anyone can compare the two, that'll be awesome!

    gtofan - i didnt see any Chanel either. go for the epi!!

    ladies who are contemplating on going... go! if bloomie's doesnt have anything, there's always other places to invest your money at :graucho: have fun!!
  14. OH No, I totally forgot about that!!! I have to go and check it out. Thanks for reminding me!
  15. um RIGHT. I was actually refering to the entire bay AREA not the city of san francisco itself and it was on topic :smile: