Bloomies Friends/Family Nov 8th!

  1. :yahoo:just got word from my Bloomies SA Crevolin in huntington, long island Bloomies...
    Friends/Family Nov 8th...certain SA's in NYC do give the 20% off on Chanel bags!
    private sale Sept 26th - preselling begins Wed...
    i'm quite certain this does NOT include Chanel but lots of great deals on new fall/winter clothing!
  2. joansie, do you have a bloomies SA who will apply this discount to chanel? i'd love to give her/him some business!!!
  3. yes ~ Lisa in NYC Bloomies gives it...
    not sure about phone orders or other SA's...
    i have 2 friends who have purchased Chanel handbags during F/F & got the 20% off!
    i will be going in person...
    PM me if you want my friends name...she is a regular customer of Lisa's...
    i also wanted your Saks SA info...TIA!
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  5. If anyone finds an agent that will give the 20% off on phone orders please let us know!:smile:
  6. I'd like to know too!
  7. My SA's in Northern Virginia stated that it is against their agreement with the vendor to discount certain designer handbags and Chanel is one of those vendors..
  8. Oh I would also love to know about an SA who would extend the 20% off, TIA to anyone who may pass along this info.
  9. I agree, this doesn't sound right that a select group of s/a's can apply the 20% discount when others cannot. Unless Chanel specifically gives their permission to discount, they cannot break their agreement. The s/a could lose her job if found out.

    Now if Bloomingdales is offering a 20% discount for opening up a charge account that's different than offering the 20% F&F discount. The 20% would come off your first bill versus at the time of purchase. In other words, the bag would be rung up at full price.

    The 20% usually pertains to Chanel sunglasses as I bought a pair during the last event in May.
  10. i have never personally even tried to take advantage of this F/F discount on Chanel handbags...
    i have been told in person by 2 different women that they did indeed get this discount??????????
    don't know any surrounding circumstances??
    they both made it seem like its "normal" sales practice?? and not even a secret!
    of course we all know different...:confused1: