Bloomies F&F

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  1. How do I get a coupon???
  2. For phone orders (pick-up or charge-send), you can call Sarah at Bloomingdale's Fashion Island. Their number is 949-729-6729.

    Which MJ item are you interested in? You might be able to get them from
    1. MJ store in LA (20% off) - ends on Sunday 11/19.
    For styles from Striping line, leather lining is exclusive to MJ boutiques.

    2. (25% off)
    The public won't know about this offer until next monday! =)
  3. I'm pretty sure the friends and family sale is at all bloomingdale's till sunday. I want a black stam
  4. i know im jumping the guns here, but when is the next one? I'm planning to open a card at the end of january and want to combine any offers I can for one nice purchase (trish or baby stam) to keep me quiet for a while.
  5. there's one going on now if I'm not mistaken
  6. I'm not sure you need to open a card. I don't have one and I got 20% off my elise during the friends and family sale. (though I think the sales associate just wanted her commission and snuck the 20% for me)
  7. Most SAs are pretty open to offering the discount to customers for sake of the commission. Don't hesitate to go in there and ask the SA for the discount.
  8. I believe it's available at all participating locations as well, however, some stores require you to have invitation. Others are more lenient on phone orders & charge send. Those are just alternative routes if you can't get the item you want at your store of choice.
  9. IIRC, Saks & Bloomingdale's have 2 Friends and Family events every year.
    This (now until 11/19/06) is the 2nd time F&F event is held at Bloomingdale's this year, the last event ran from 4/27/06 to 4/30/06.

    If you open an account, you save even more (usually another 15% off, sometimes 20%) on your 1st day of purchase (made on the same day of the F&F event). The receipt only shows the amount after the F&F 20% discount, your billing statement deducts an additional percentage off the amount you were charged in store.
  10. You can use any card for F&F event. Opening a card will give you additional saving.
  11. I never open up cards at stores. Stupid question but how does this work. I open a bloomie's account, charge it to the bloomie's card, and pay later like any other credit card?
  12. ^ Yes. =)
  13. ok cool. I'm going to get my stam :biggrin:
  14. I just got the Hudson last night! :smile:
  15. yay I got it! only problem was since I JUST opened up an account with them, I only have a $300 credit line. So I had to pay the rest in cash or check and I had none of the above on me. So I'm picking it up today or tomorrow. I can't wait!! $1275 - $391.25 (20% + $15%) Pretty sweet.