Bloomies F&F???

  1. So, I heard it's Bloomies FnF that started this weekend. Does ne one know till when? Any exclusions? or Everything 20%??

    Anyone shop till they dropped yet? hehe share share share :yahoo:
  2. The event is from Nov 16 to Nov 19. But I was told you can do pre-sale before the event.
  3. Are there any exclusions to the f and f sale? How about Judith Ripka jewelry and designer handbags?????
  4. I'm guessing leased departments are out?
  5. Presale has already begun, and will continue till tuesday. I'm snatching up another northface fleece, coach sneakers and the matching skinny!! Maybe vince pants if they let me order through there.
  6. we know if there are any exclusions yet? Or 20% for all?? hMmM anyone?
  7. No perfumes or cosmetics.
  8. Do you have to have the F&F card in order to get the discount?? I want to stop by NYC Bloomingdale's tomorrow for pre-sale but I'm afraid the sales associates will say no and laugh at me.
  9. I'm also wondering whether you need to have the F&F card or whether you can just ask the SA for the discount. I wish I had seen this thread earlier :sad: -- I was at the NYC store today and bought a few things. The 20% off would have come in handy.
  10. 20 percent off fendi spy? u think?
  11. No, you are not required, but some SAs are strict. They know me at the bloomies I go to, so I am not worried. I totally forgot about next week until the SA assisting me on shoes told me I could presale them LOL. Didn;t someone here get a spy during this event last year? I'm not sure if boutique stuff is available.
  12. I don't think you can use the F&F on Fendi items, but if Bloomies has the $15 gift card for every $50 you spend - the Fendi Spy is fair game :smile: (I only know b/c my mom was overloaded w/ those gift cards when she got her Spy bag)
  13. I heard everything was included except Chanel and David Yurman.
  14. Do you know if they will do a charge/send for F&F? I'd love to get a Stam but we don't have a Bloomies in Seattle.
  15. aarti & xbanginbo069x, I was able to get my choco spy last spring during F&F. I had added my name to the waitlist for this bag. Much to my surprise, the SA I left my name with called me six weeks later to let me know they had the bag and to offer me a F&F discount card. I wasn't in *need* of a new bag at that time, but I knew that if I later change my mind I would regret not taking advantage of the discount. In all, I saved 20% and opened an account to save a little extra money. Well worth it IMO!