Bloomies F&F Sale May 1 - May 4

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  1. My SA in the jewelery dept. told me today that the F&F sale this spring is May 1 through May 4. Does anyone know if Burberry handbags are included?
  2. Usually leased departments are not included in the F&F event. Not sure if Burberry is a leased department, but in the past Dior, LV are not included.
  3. ^
    Oh dear. Thanks. Our Bloomies just started carrying Burberry so I was pretty excited. It's a small store and it's a big deal (to me anyway) that they've expanded their handbag selection.
  4. What's the percentage off during the F&F event?
  5. god.......
    what about chanel......
  6. 20%

    mama's gettin' a new marc by marc jacobs bag...
  7. does F&F apply to online as well? is celine included? thanks
  8. ^ i don't think it applies online.. i believe it's instore event only.. cause last time, my SA gave me the invitation that has the bar code in it..
  9. does anyone know where to get the card If they didnt recieve one in the mail?thanks!
  10. I don't think you necessarily need the card. I think you can just ask a SA for the F&F price.
  11. Thanks for the info guys...I'll be there!
  12. You can presale 4/24.
  13. oh, great! Thanks.