Bloomies EGC this weekend 1/22-25

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  1. $15 EGC for every $100 spent! chanel included!
  2. Thanks for the info! Do you know which Bloomies have Chanel? Thanks!
  3. I know the chestnut hill one in MA does!
  4. I would HIGHLY recommend James at Bloomies Chesnut Hill, MA! He is by far the BEST SA at all Bloomies! :woohoo:
    He is super sweet and very knowlegeable of Chanel bags.
    Here's his contact: phone# 617.630.6723 /
  5. Might get me a pair of CC earrings! :smile:
  6. how do you get the EGC ?? there's nothing on the website about this.. is it instore only?? what's included to get EGC ??
  7. Does anyone know if I order from a Bloomies in a different state than where I am, is it tax free like how Saks is with out of state orders?
  8. James has this Python clutch on sale. I think it was $3xxx and now $19xx? Not sure about exact price! I would get it if I were not soooo broke!
    Call him #617.630.6723

  9. Does this apply to Bloomingdales NYC? I want to buy a medium black matte camera bag in gold h/w. Does anyone know if they have stock of that?
  10. Patrick at the 59th st. bloomies I believe said he has the camera bag but in beige. He is sold out of a lot. No jumbo's , no black GST, no accordian flaps..the direct line to the chanel boutique is 212-705-2856. probably best to call first to see what's in stock. Hope this helps.
  11. try james.
  12. no, but if you find a nice SA, he/she has the power to waive sales tax so long as the item is shipped out of state.
  13. Thanks! :smile:
  14. Looks like Nordstrom is matching what Bloomies is doing... My SA at Nordstrom MOA just sold me a reissue with the giftcard. He has jumbo reissues in dark brown (looks almost black) and metallic red from Cruise 09. His number is 952.883.2121.