Bloomies Double Rewards Event

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  1. I got this in the mail today:

    You're invited to earn double rewards when you shop with your Bloomingdale's card during the Insider Event, Thursday, 2/8 to Sunday, 2/111.

    Plus, take 15% off almost all regular and sale-priced items throughout the store.

    Fin print..10% off furnitre. Designer, brand and women's denim exclusions apply.Also exclues Csometics, Fragrances, gift cards, martine's chocolates, designer fine jewelry, fine watches, estate jewelry, Maximilian fur services, Men's electronics and Westchester Furniture and Rug Outlet. Savings may not be used in conjection with any other certificate offer. No valid on prior purchases or bill payments.
  2. Ok... what does that mean? Does that leave anything left? LOL:push:
  3. starts tomorrow!
  4. Does anyone get anything good from bloomies reward points?
  5. the rewards are gift certificates to use at the bloomies store. usually, for every dollar spent at bloomies, you get 3% back. during double rewards, you get 6%. sometimes there are triple rewards events. when the rewards total 20 or multiples of 20, you get the amount as a gift certificate in the mail.:smile:
  6. thanks;)
  7. I wonder if Marc Jacobs bags are included...that could be very interesting...
  8. Yay! I got a really cute Free People dress today at my Bloomies. 15% off is great :smile: