Bloomie's Customer Service sucks!

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Apr 4, 2008
Hi guys..have you guys every experienced this with Bloomingdale's? Their website STINKS because it doesn't update their inventory in real time, so I ordered 2 clinique items with the hope of getting the bonus gift, expecting that everything would go through. Nope...first, they cancel one item on me because they said it's out of stock..then they cancel the bonus, so I'm stuck with an overpriced $17 eyeliner that only would have been worth it with the bonus gift.

Even NOW, the website STILL has the bonus gift advertised, and you can even add it to your cart like it's still in stock, even though it ISN'T! It's only AFTER you place your order that you find out that it's not in stock.

I tried asking for a free shipping code for a future order because of their terrible ordering system/general inconvenience/lack of customer service. But they wouldn't even do that.

So ladies, watch out and don't expect to get the clinique bonus if you order now! False advertising all around and TERRIBLE customer service. I can't imagine how WORSE it would be if I was getting an expensive handbag instead of some measly makeup. :cursing::cursing:


May 16, 2006
wow, sorry to hear that! but thanks for posting bc i was just about to order a clinique moisturizer from bloomies since i had read that they were offering a bonus gift for every $25 purchase. would they let you cancel the order all together? it doesn't seem worth it now that your order is just one $17 eyeliner.


Jan 12, 2006
not a deal or steal!!! Please do not post any thing in this forum if it's not a great buy!
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