Bloomie's Coupon Code? Anyone?

  1. Hi Girls. I'm about to buy a coat online at Bloomingdale's (still don't have one by me...PU, it really sucks) and coats now are an additional 25% off, BUT I still would love to have another % off coupon (besides free shipping).

  2. Bloomies Codes
    over $125 ~ enter code FS125 (for free shipping)
    any catalog item ~ enter code FRESH (for free shipping)

    I just found these a little while ago, I'm going to order a coat too!
    Hope they help:cutesy:
  3. They email me a coupon a couple times a week.

  4. Does anyone have a coupond code for FREE SHIPPING for Bloomingdale's?

    I already have the coupon for 15% off, but despite that discount I still thinks it's ridiculous to pay $20 in shipping for a dress. :shrugs:

    Thanks for any help you can provide.
  5. Anyone?
  6. I have searched and searched all over the internet and this forum so I know I will probably be out of luck since Bloomingdale's is not very giving with coupons. BUT...

    DOES ANYONE HAVE A FREE SHIPPING CODE? Please help a girl that does not live near a Bloomies!! ;)
  7. So I missed out on Friends and Family. Does anyone know if Chloe is excluded from discounts? If not, I really need a coupon code. Does anyone know when another percentage off coupon will be offered?

    Thanks for any help you can offer.
  8. Big Brown Bag sale is next week so you might want to check with your SA if Chloe will be included.
  9. What exactly is the big brown bag sale? Sorry for my ignorance! Is is a Black Friday Special?
  10. I got that too - so it's not one time use, just FYI.

    I didn't look through to see what was on sale though, so I'm not much help there.