Bloomies Chestnut Hill Update - Pics!

  1. These are the bags left at Bloomies for 30% off. I guess they don't offer additional markdowns.

    The large leather bag (in pic by itself) is also at NM in Natick Collection with additional 25% off.

    Please someone buy before I do!
    leather bag.jpg tweed.jpg mms.jpg
  2. thanks so much for the info and photos!
  3. which bloomies?
  4. sorry didn't see that you posted the location in your title.
  5. is there a rep you recommend ?
  6. Mariana at NM - answered your pm too! James at Bloomies.

  7. OMG i really like that black one but i am too scared to find out how much it is haha. I had the SA Alice and she was so sweet when she helped me find a black jumbo. oh! and thank you for posting this sale info :tup:
  8. Anyone happens to know how much the black mademoisell? bag is??? I'm in love. Please let me know. TIA
  9. thank u for letting us know :smile:
  10. With the brown suede bag is that the front of the bag or does it look like the black one right next to it? How much is it and is it still available?

  11. I believe that is the front of the brown suede bag. I think it is the tote bag from that line.