Bloomies Charity Event Oct 26th

  1. On Thursday, Oct 26th Bloomingdales is having a one day charity event where you get 15% off the entire store (some brands excluded), plus $15 for every $100 spent.
  2. Do you know what brands are excluded??? Thanks!
  3. i would like to know what brand is excluded too......
  4. i know that chanel is excluded, but you still get $15 GC for every $100 spent on excluded brands. I know that David Yurman and John Hardy are INCLUDED in the sale, but my SA told me that this will be the last Yurman participates in this sale. Those are the only brands that I know about.
  5. is this only in NY or all bloomies??
  6. they always exclude chanel & makeup. other than that, i think everything is included.
  7. Do you have to use your Bloomies credit card?
  8. i called a couple of bloomies and talked to the SAs, apparently, not all stores participate on this, huh?
    does anyone have a list of stores that participate on this charity event?
  9. I would love to know too. I haven't heard anything about this. Ally do you know???
  10. ^^ i got a postcard! it's 15% off everything on the 26th with 15gc with 100 purchase. it's valid at the LA bloomies, not sure about elsewhere.
  11. ^^ Hmmm... maybe I can tag along with you, LOL! :P
  12. ally... can i go with you too.....???
  13. sure lets all go to bloomies! :yahoo:
  14. NYC and the bloomies at the Walt Witman Mall on Long Island are participating it it too
  15. I just went to Bloomies in Chestnut Hill, MA and they are not participating!!!:sad: I want to buy something too!:crybaby: