Bloomies charity event 15% and 20% off

  1. bloomies's doing a charity event on Wednesday Feb. 27 and current doing presale for that even. You have to buy the coupon for $ 10 which will be donated. If you spend under $300 you will get 15% off and over $300 you will get 20% off. Also if you open an accound that day then you will get an additional 15%off. Total up to 35% off.
  2. Does it include Balenciaga bags?
  3. is this in store only?
  4. Funny... I presaled today and specifically asked if I needed to donate the $10 to purchase the coupon. The girls told me nope... not this time. So I got 15% off and didn't need the coupon. Weird... I was thinking... how would they earn money to donate then? My friend also bought at another register and didn't have to donate $10 either.
  5. I got a card in the mail for this event. It says to bring the card. Maybe if you don't get the card and just show up at the store, they ask for the $10?
  6. cool! I love the bloomies Charity events. Often they have cocktails too :smile:.
  7. Just wondering...has anyone been able to avail of 20% off? I was told by an SA they only take 15% off even for purchases over $300...(Plus an additional 15% off if you open a Bloomies charge).
  8. So I called Bloomies to clarify -- it appears that it's only 15% off for all purchases on Feb 27 (of course you can pre-sale and still get the 15% off). No donations need to be made by the shoppers. The whole concept is that when we shop at Bloomies that day (or beforehand), Bloomies will donate a percentage of the sales to charity. So the more we shop, the more they donate. HTH!
  9. Does anyone know if this applies to high end designer items? Like Chanel or Gucci.
  10. Weird, I wonder if it's all Bloomies..I usually get all the event notices, but didn't get anything this time