Bloomies canceled my order!

  1. Vent: I ordered 3 handbands during their 50% off sale. Today I get an email and all 3 have been discontinued and my order was canceled :tdown:

    Michael Kors Big Valley Leather Satchel
    Michael Kors Joplin Leather Satchel
    Cole Haan Kaylie Belted Hobo

    All were fantastic prices and I am bummed out because they were intended for x-mas presents.
  2. Wow that just outright sucks! I am so sorry.
  3. That sucks! I'm sorry.
  4. That really sucks. It would be nice if they kept their site updated so that it wouldn't let you order it if it wasn't in stock.
  5. I'm sorry, that totally stinks. Bloomies is on my sh*t list right now. Their CS has gone down the tubes :tdown: You should write them a letter of complaint! It usually makes me feel better! ;)
  6. Thats horrible!! I can't believe ALL 3 were out of stock! What a letdown!
  7. cancelled b/c they are out of stock?
    It's happened to me before too....I think their computer system is OLD.
  8. That has happened to me too, it is the worst!
  9. Bloomingdale's customer service on-line and in the store is awful. I'm sorry this happened to you.
  10. it happened to me with ... my order has been cancelled, all of the items I ordered. that's so wierd since I ordered 5 items, all of them were not in stock, they said. it's funny cause they already authorized payment through my credit card. and until today, that transaction is still in my pending payments.
  11. Could you call them and ask whether they have them somewhere else? The chance is thin, but keep trying if you're still interested. Else, ask them for an alternative since those items are discontinued you couldn't ask for rain check. Just insist to talk to the manager to see how they handle. I really don't like NM. It's weird that they don't accept other major credit cards, but AM and their NM. Good luck.

  12. Oh, I'm sorry. I just realized that you ordered from Bloomies, not NM. Anyway, I recently have a little problem with Bloomies too (not their fault anyway). Last year, I bought a microwave from them, and it hasn't worked since couple months ago. Last month, I went to the store asking for their help. They told me to contact directly to Cuisinart. I'll find time to call the manufacture ASAP. I believe the microwave is still under their waranty.
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