bloomies appears to have UGG classics in stock online!

  1. i've been looking everywhere, for weeks, for a pair of Ugg classic shorts in black (so i can wear them to work! the only rules we have for shoes are that they have to be all-black and closed-toed and -heeled), and i've scoured every authentic site on the internet, and i was fooling around on tonight and figured i might as well check there AGAIN, and lo and behold, they had lots of sizes and colors! as opposed to a few days ago when i last checked them and they had NOTHING!

    my order went through and said it would ship by 02/04 and the product was in stock, so hopefully it's not some kind of error! i also checked the classic talls, and they we pretty available as well. if you've been looking for them like i have, go order some real quick!